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This is where I tell you a little bit about me.

Professionally, I'm a creative guy with a knack for strategy, efficiency, and managing lots of moving pieces. I like to be able to touch multiple parts of a project and help teams work together to reach a goal.

I can think conceptually and understand a vision at 30,000 feet and bring it back down to earth and connect the respective pieces with whom they matter most. I love ideas and figuring out how to connect those with the humans we are. 

Non-professionally, I like to eat too much food (especially any sort of baked goods), lean into my Millennial-ness and take pictures with my vintage film camera, read, listen to podcasts, and get outside whenever possible. 

I’m currently based in Brooklyn, NY.

If you want to buy me baked goods, shoot some photos, or just chat, you can reach me at: